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About LaVilla Bands

As part of The LaVilla School of the Arts, our mission is to provide opportunities that enhance students' creativity, self-discipline, teamwork, and appreciation for cultural diversity. The Band curriculum at LaVilla is designed specifically for the student who is focused on the serious study of instrumental music performance.

At LaVilla, Band students develop

  • Independent musicianship

  • Individual performance skills

  • Ensemble performance concepts

  • Individual creativity

  • Discipline required for serious study of music

Performing Ensembles

LaVilla Bands offer numerous curricular and co-curricular ensembles that allow students to showcase their musical achievement through the performance of a wide range of instrumental music.

LaVilla Bands are proud to maintain many excellent performing ensembles:

  • Wind Ensemble

  • Symphonic Band

  • Concert Band

  • Ashley Street Jazz Band

  • Davis Street Jazz Band

  • Percussion Ensemble

  • Chamber Ensembles

Throughout the year, students participate in numerous performances:

  • Florida All-State Band

  • District 17 Honor Band

  • Solo and Ensemble

  • Music Performance Assessments

  • Schoolwide Showcase

  • Collaborations with Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

  • More than 30 annual performances

Band Curriculum

6th grade students start in Concert Band, which is designed for first year band students. Students in Concert Band are placed in a class specific to their instrument selection and start from the very beginning stage of learning their instrument. The ensemble presents two concerts: one during the fall semester and one during the spring semester.

As a continuation of the skills learned during the first year of study, Symphonic Band is designed for second and third year band students. Symphonic Band students present approximately five concerts throughout the year and perform as part of the annual FBA Festival. All students in Symphonic Band audition for the District Honor Band and perform at FBA Solo and Ensemble.

Wind Ensemble is an advanced performing group that challenges our most dedicated students with difficult literature. Wind Ensemble students present approximately five concerts throughout the year and perform as part of the annual FBA Festival. All students in Wind Ensemble perform at FBA Solo and Ensemble and audition for both the All-State Band and District Honor Band.

In addition to their primary performing ensemble, all band students at LaVilla also take additional band courses as part of their school day, including Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble, and others.

Band Support Team

The LaVilla Band Support Team is an organization comprised of parents, family members, and business partners interested in the success of the band members and the band program. These individuals physically and financially support the band directors so the directors may dedicate their time to directing. Anything the team can do to allow the directors more time to make music with the students is accomplished by dedicated volunteers with a vision of excellence.

The Band Support Team is an indispensable part of LaVilla Bands that coordinates all activities outside of the classroom, including fundraising, equipment, transportation, and uniforms. If you are interested in joining in these efforts, please contact us via the "Contact" page above. We will provide you with instructions to view our upcoming events and volunteer as part of the team.

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