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Audition for LaVilla Bands

Students who wish to join LaVilla Bands in 6th grade do not need to have prior experience on an instrument. To audition, they will take the Band Aptitude Test, an aural test that does not require advance preparation. Please see below for the date of this year's Band Aptitude Test.


Students who wish to join LaVilla Bands in 7th or 8th grade must have prior experience on a band instrument. To audition, they must attend an Open Audition, during which they will perform prepared music for our faculty. Please see below for the dates of this year's Open Auditions.


No matter a student's age, success at LaVilla will require the following from them:

  • Consistent attendance

  • Passion

  • Focus

  • Dedication and commitment to exemplary work

  • Strong independent work ethic and discipline

  • Active participation and investment in artistic and academic education

Additionally, each student's family must support their child in the rigorous commitment to achieving a highly sophisticated knowledge base and demonstrable performance skills. Families who wish to join LaVilla Bands must be prepared to dedicate considerable time and financial resources toward their student's ongoing education.

Audition Dates

Audition dates for students wishing to audition for the 2022-2023 school year are listed below. Please consult the LaVilla School of the Arts website for audition requirements and additional information at

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